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Mortgage and Lending - Sunstreet Mortgage LLC. Licensed Mortgage Professional - NMLS# 222004
In the mortgage industry since 1995 and having helped over 1600 families to purchase or refinance their home. My goal is to provide the best service and experience to my clients and real estate partners.
"You can't get a close done in 30 days" I've been told. This statement has been made to me time and again from some of my friends at some of the larger bank owned mortgage companies. I want to share some quick tips that can help move things along smoothly and eliminate heartburn at the closing fo...
I was reading a post a colleague of mine wrote and it reminded me of something that happens all to often in lending. That darn Investment Property/ Primary Residence/ Second Home game. You know the one I'm talking about, the client is going to buy a home that is to close to their primary residenc...
Here's the scenario: You have a listing for sale and unfortunately not too many prospects coming to look at the home. Your seller comes to you and asks why no one is calling and what you plan to do about it. Could you have missed something in your interview with the seller. It's not really your ...
I want to personally thank our Arizona Ambassador Mike Jones. I've finally decided after just four weeks to make the jump to Rain Maker. I've been impressed by how Active Rain provides the environment for expression of opinion, education, information and some funny commentary as well. As a mortga...
I read a lot of information relating to how the housing market is still tumbling down and as many in Real Estate have said, "it's all local". We really don't know where the bottom is until we have lifted off towards recovery. There is nothing wrong with being a realist on the subject. I know that...
    If you're a REALTOR today is like any other weekend day, it's time for your Open House. As a lender I sit open houses from time to time. Sometimes it's with agents whom I have worked with that may have a hot listing, and sometimes it's with a newer agent who would really like to have me there...

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