I have found it difficult to find info on this subject that is reproducible that's why I want you to know. New Homes are more energy efficient.  Builders use the most up to date products and strive to make a better home each and every day.  Not all new homes are built alike.  LEARN all you can ab...
Greenville Housing Fund Launches Homes for Teachers Initiative       Greenville, S.C. (September 4, 2008) - Greenville Housing Fund (GHF) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Homes for Teachers Initiative. This innovative financing program, made possible by a generous $250,000 grant over ...
The Upstate is GREAT!! WOW the Upstate of SC is a Great Place to live and work!  New home sales are stong, resales are gaining equity eventhough they are selling a little bit slower.  Most people come here and think we are the same as the rest of the nation...NOT.  We have a unique market, strong...
WOW, Eastwood Homes is #1 for the J.D. Power New Home Builder Satisfaction Study!  I work for Eastwood Homes and I can help you buy a new Eastwood Home in Any of our Fantastic Locations in the Greenville Metro Area.  Eastwood Homes is a Regional Builder owned by Joe Stewart.  It was started in Ch...
This is from a link to a Website that I was Sent.  I live in Greenville SC. In my opinion, Greenville SC is the BEST Place in the WORLD!!  There are some people that feel that way and others that do not.  That's ok, it's not for everyone!  We have 4 seasons, a Great Climate, low taxes, cultural a...
Now that most seller paid Down Payment Assistance has gone away and will for sure in October 2008, here is a Marketing Idea for your Sellers and Purchasing Idea for your Buyers.  If your seller is offering money to the buyer, which they can under FHA guidelines of up to 6% of sales price, offer a...
Yesterday, I had Todd Usher with Addison Homes come to my house to do a Home Energy Audit.  I didn't know what this was or what to expect! What he did was amazing! He placed a frame inside my front door covered with a red material that reminded me of parachute material.  In the bottom of that cov...


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