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I had an interesting talk with another Agent in my office today as to why people seem to be so reluctant to buy in this market. As we were talking it became clearer to us both. Our conversation started with the obvious reasons to buy .... Low interest rates, Low prices, high inventory with motiv...
If you do the math you find it to be a much better time to buy while the rates are down! Please watch this short video for details.
Real Estate Consulting/Marketing ServicesLocation: Beverly, MADo you have a Real Estate Professional in your network of service providers that you can count on to answer questions at any time? Much like mechanics, plumbers and electricians, Real Estate is a service industry that relies on client ...
I wrote the listing contract September 7, 2009 and it closed yesterday September 3,2010.  There were a few obstacles in our way, but with a great team effort, it got done!! Here are some of the highlights: Listed September 7,2009: Not a great time to be putting a short sale on because if you reme...
I am considered the go to guy for technology within my office.  That being said, I think that some agents are focusing on the systems designed to make their jobs easier and are not really in the best interest of the Client.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think Agents are making a concious decision ...
At the begining of this year as I was setting up my business goals, one of them was to create a facebook business page, because as we all know by now that over 80 gazillion people are now using FB as their primary social network site :) I started by looking at other Agent's sites and found that ...
The big story of this month and hopefuly carrying into next month are the ridiculously low interest rates. Prices are down and inventory is picking up. Smart sellers can see the advantage of selling low to buy a more suitable home at the bottom of the market and getting the low interest rate! See...

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