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I am all for the advancement of communication and fully understand the benefits that sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer. I just see some people taking it to a level that borders addiction. While most of my Friends, contacts and followers seem to use the systems as needed, there are o...
If You or someone you knows needs a Real Estate Advisor, I promise I'll do better than this guy:) ! Contact Me Today!
Of all the paperwork that goes with a normal Real Estate transaction, the most overlooked form could prove to be the most costly.  Fortunately, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a very consumer friendly State and makes it fairly easy to stay out of lead paint trouble. Our office recently had t...
As a Realtor that understands today's technology I encourgage all of  the "Big Sites" that empower buyers and sellers with Real Estate knowledge. None, however; have found a great way to keep their listings up to date or to give you relevant information in order to determine a selling price for y...
Make Sure You Research Your Future Landlord!I want to alert you all to a couple of situations that have occured lately on the North Shore. Both cases were a direct result of Craigslist advertising. As a Realtor, I find Craigslist to be a very good way to advertise my clients properties. It is un...
Whether or not you are planning on buying or selling a home in the near future, this is a cool way to keep your eye on a specific neighborhood's home sales activity. This is a Free Service and you can view a sample report prior to signing up. Give it a try!
You  have to try hard to over-pay in today's market.With the  bank's underwriting departments scrutinizing every little detail  and the new  laws put in place as to how the appraisals are being  done in Massachusetts, it  is virtually impossible to pay above  market value. Even if you get an offe...
The hardest part of this market should not be finding a buyer!  They are out there and they are finaly BUYING!  The credit built into the stimulus package is working. The key is getting the right price on the property.  As a Buyer today, it is virtually impossible to over pay for a home.  The app...
We all know by now that a short sale can be a very frustrating transaction for all involved.  There are way too many variables to guarantee a positive outcome once an offer is made. The bait is that more times than not you are getting a house at below market value. If you have the time to wait (u...
The best way to understand the value of your home is to know what is going on around you. Use this Free Service to get your research done prior to contacting a Realtor. Simply fill out the form with your property information and you will receive a complete report of all Real Estate activity that...

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