Did you know that homes across the US are now at their most affordable in decades?  Here's why: This Month In Real Estate Video   San Antonio Homes are among the most affordable in the entire nation and STILL appreciating and going fast IF they are priced right at the market and in top condition....
This is the best time in my adult lifetime to move up, to finally get out of that cramped, no storage, starter-home that you outgrew years back and get closer to your Dream Home.  "How can that be?" you ask.  "Aren't we in the middle of a recession?"  Here's why: 1.  Yes, you are exactly right th...
Much has been said lately about sub-prime mortgages and how they have led to the market collapse…lots of hand-wringing about lending money to people who didn’t deserve credit, political pressure for doing so, etc. While there is a tiny bit truth to that, the big, market wrecking scandals in sub-p...
It's SNOWING in the US! ... but not in San Antonio!  We're enjoying 70's and clear skies!  So it is with Real Estate.We know you have been hearing all the dismal news about Real Estate.  But San Antonio is still ranked as the #1 market in the entire USA to invest in Real Estate.Click here for the...

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