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There are many types of advertisements from paper mailer ads, newspaper, phone book to radio ads about getting help with your tax needs, questions and/or problems.  I am Mark A. Damon an Enrolled Agent located in .  Too many times, I have had new clients come to me who had sought the help of tax ...
About two weeks ago or more, I received an email from someone concerned about a 1099A that they were anticipating receiving or maybe received, I don't know.    I'm sorry for not getting back to ya'll sooner.  With tax season, my blogging will be limited.  Hopefully I can answer your questions pro...
FYI IRS audits were up last year! There are more to come! Last year I represented more taxpayers who were audited then in previous years.  Some with mere audit letters for income information left off of their tax returns and others with major issues that involved self-employment gross income not ...
Many of you know that President Bush signed a bill for the passage of the "Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007" for excluding from income debt cancelled by foreclosure.  Prior to October 2007, when a home foreclosed, and debt was forgiven on a mortgage loan balance outstanding, it was us...
I'm excited to be here and want to help the Real Estate community, you and your clients.  I'm in the process of putting more information together to present to you, Such as tax implications on owning real estate, purchasing real estate, 1031 exchanges, short sales, foreclosures, tax consequences ...

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