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Articles, Listings and news concerning Columbia and Lexington SC area homes for sale.
With markets settling down to a slower pace after the mad rush to get into contract by April 30th, many realtors and economists are questioning whether we need another helping hand from the government to get a our business going.  What's good for real estate is good for the economy - of course.  ...
Flanders and Swann created some classic pieces of British comedy some 60 years ago - and this piece - The Gas Man Cometh seems fitting for a current transaction we're tugging across the finish line.   One of Phoenix area Short Sale listings - this one a Buckeye Short Sale Listing - is presenting ...
As the 1970’s brought both environmental awareness and exponential technological growth, many pundits predicted that by the year 2000 we would become a paperless society. Obviously, something went awry somewhere. When I started selling real estate in 1984, a purchase and sale agreement was a sin...
Fannie Mae recently took an assertive step, in its own mind at least, to stem the growing tendency of mortgage borrowers pulling off strategic defaults. In that homeowners who could afford their payments choose to walk away from the obligation anyway. The GSE went ahead and added another category...
I recently posted a blog in which I said I successfully closed 51 transactions in 2009.  One of my readers asked me for my statistics.  I do not have buyers or sellers agent, I'm a one person operation and I'm too busy to keep statistics on where the lead came from.  Blogging has a landslide eff...
Sometimes life has a way of slapping you in the face.  As REALTORS®, we've all been guilty of neglecting our own families to serve the needs of others.  In this business, clients don't care if you have a life of your own.  When you're working with THEM...your time is THEIR time.  THEIR family is ...
How many times have you been planning to post your story and never did it? Then one day somebody posted it...   I admit I only read posts that are featured. That's why my dream is to have my first post being featured. I waited and waited till I have a good story and experience to tell that I thin...
  Hey NEWBIES It's time to showcase your talents - JUMP       Click here for Jump Video - (not sure why HTML didn't work for this video)  AR gods?  Anyone?  Bueller?     Before we start, here is what I feel about Active Rain, about blogging, and what contests like this allow.... It's a chance for...
I recently went on a listing presentation where I knew the seller had negative equity.  When I arrived, I got the customary tour and received a detailed list of property upgrades.  I asked the seller the typical questions: how many loans to you have; what are the balances; monthly payments etc. I...
Question: Are Cutthroat Home Buyers Causing Home Values To Decline More? While you're working with a buyer, when they write an offer, do you just let them write it where they want?  Do you let your buyers write low offers just to get that desperate seller to give their home away? Are you writing ...

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smartphone(843) 231-8343
smartphone(843) 231-8343
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Articles, Listings and news concerning Columbia and Lexington SC area Real estate and area homes for sale. also have Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.
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