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203k loans, the hottest renovation loan product on the market. Offering quick closings on homes that require repairs.
I have had lots of calls regarding 203k wholesaler lenders since M&T pulled in their horns to their own footprint. I have several posted on my website but just added a new one that will be looking for your business soon as they ramp it up a bit. They only work with the 203k and only with brokers....
 I'm an inspector - why should I know & understand the 203k? Columbia SC? There are several good answers to that. Every home inspector has been accused of “killing the deal” at one time or another and it just isn’t true. The home inspector is hired to discover whatever they can to “inform the bor...
I’m a contractor why should I learn about the 203k loan program?If you have all the work you need already then maybe you don’t need to know about the FHA 203k loan program but there are allot of you out there that have been buying my eBook “Contractors and the 203k” indicating that many of you ar...
Appraising FHA 203k properties in Stockton or anywhere else for that matter I appraised these 203k loan projects from 1992 - 2004 and since I was already a home inspector and a 203k consultant it was easy for me to understand the process. HUD actually called me one time to go to Alabama and provi...
203k loans are alive and well in Rock Hill SC Rock Hill as well as any other city in South Carolina is finding the FHA 203k loan program and we are seeing more and more asset managers who are willing to take 203k offers on their properties. It is about time. These are quite often full price offer...
Join us at the 29th annual Berkeley Kite Festival this year on JULY 26th and 27th at the Berkeley Marina and see kites of all types and all sizes. Kites aren't just for kids anymore! Make a kite at the FREE MAKE A KITE EVENT Cynthia Tate Elliott - I'm an official sponsor. Sotheby's International ...
Well, I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend. We launched our new 203k consulting software for consultants and lenders and it wen't relatively smoothly. Just got off the phone with a couple users who indicate their early opinion is that it looks great... that is exciting. We appreciate t...
Things are heating up in more ways than you might think. While it is 100 degrees in Charlotte, the humidity is down somewhat from usual but it was 139 degrees in the attic. Wow, yes, the 203k consultant should look in the attic and under the home if there is a crawl space, I must admit that I enj...
I'm still amazed at the number of asset managers that still insist that they won't take FHA offers. I was just listening to the Mitchell Churnock's weekly radio show featuring the 203k and he hits them right between the eyes...  Asset managers, wake up please. If you are excluding the FHA 203k yo...
Contractors are needed to get these projects completed in a timely workmanlike manner. If you aren't getting all the work you can handle contact local 203k consultants and get on their lists ASAP. You will be happily surprised to see the results. Contractors who could use a bit more work might ju...

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