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REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MISTAKE #5 FAILING TO ESTABLISH A DEEP SENSE OF PURPOSE FOR YOUR WEALTH BUILDING People frequently jump head first into investing and start chasing the dollar without establishing a deeper purpose for why they are investing. This void often causes them to fall into the conven...
REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MISTAKE #4 BUYING REAL ESTATE INDIVIDUALLY Most people have been convinced that in order to make money, they must surrender huge quantities of their time (40 hours a week or more at a job, for example). The beliefs about investing in real estate are similar. Most professional...
REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MISTAKE #3 INVESTING PRIMARILY IN YOUR LOCAL AREA Many investors, especially beginners, tend to invest primarily in their local areas. There are a variety of reasons for this: It's easy to look for properties; they know the area well and therefore believe they can find deals ...
Continuing on with my 5 part series, here is Mistake #2 [it's opinion only so flame away if you must]. Author's note: Active Rain is SOOOOOOOO marvy! I really didn't think anyone would read my posts but after my very first one people are already reading and commenting...that was a nice surprise t...
This is the first part of a five part blog series. Comments and criticism about the mistakes and solutions that I include are very much welcome. REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MISTAKE #1 FAILING TO CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT "RETIREMENT PLANNING" PEDDALED BY THE FINANCIAL PLANNING INDUSTRY "Conventional w...

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