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I read a lot of articles on AR about the importance of a buyer having their own "good" representation.  Here's a true story that I feel illustrates this point. One of my spinning plates is floor time at the office.  I work for a big brokerage, we have over 200 listings in the office and yes the p...
This is my mantra in tough real estate deals.  Bottom line is that most deals aren't going to be easy.  You will have to overcome at least one hurdle and at the end of the day even though it can be a stressful process, closing day is worth it, not just for the clients but you the agent as well.  ...
This story is hilarious.  It had the admins at our office and I in stitches laughing.  Very, very funny.  I hope you all enjoy this one!!!:)No, I'm not going to help you bilk a Seller . . . The following is a true story.  Trust me, I could not make this stuff up. I was contacted by a Prospective ...
This is good information.  If you had any clients who lost a home to foreclosure they may be eligable for financial compensation from their former lenders. During 2009 through 2010, more than 2 million were foreclosed on (or when in the process of doing so). Banking regulators regulators announce...
This is pretty humble, basic advice but he or she in haste will waste.  Here's what I mean by this.  Lets say you have four deals going on in the same week.  You're signing a P@S with one client and the next one is blowing up your phone.  You have an appointment to show a listing in 45 minutes an...
Check out the link below for a great article on home ownership.  The housing market will recover and a vast majority of people want to be part of that recovery!
Like most realtors, I do cold calling.  I contact expired listings, call around my listings, I follow up with contacts I make in my day to day life, I chase leads and I look to make more contacts in the process.  Very rarely have I ever gotten any flack from a member of the general public regardi...
Started out in Hopkinton RI, 8am home inspection, then to Warwick for a showing on a very classy townhouse, into the office for processing multiple offers.  Home for lunch, back to the office to help a client getting her loan application processed, dealing with mulitple offers on a listing.  Sque...
Most people have heard the term caveat emptor, buyer beware.  But oftentimes, especially with first time home buyers there is a greater danger to their mental health, financial well being and decision making process.  That threats name is Uncle Charlie or Auntie Beatrice or big brother Mike, take...
This is the type of thing that comes up in conversation with buyers who are inquisitive.  A lot of common sense applied here, very well written. If you watch the news on a daily bases, one of the things that is often reported is Personal Spending and Personal Income.  These reports are supposed t...

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