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I just finished working on a BPO for a house built on the side of a hill.  The house has a daylight basement.  A daylight basement is a basement based on the fact that it is on a level below the front door.  It is not underground.  There are windows, you can walk outside to the patio which is on ...
I just received an interior BPO for vacant land.  I wonder why it is an interior, not an exterior.  Should I bring a shovel?
    I just saw this gorgeous house on the golf course.   Why do people plan trees and bushes to block the view?  Take the bush and move it over 20 feet and add $50,000 to the price.  It is an REO and this bank will not spend any money.  Anybody want an easy flip?
Yesterday, I posted this blog about the solution to Nevada's unemployment propblem. The solution is for the unemployed people to move to other states. Currently 15 people unemployed out of 100.  If 8 unemploye...
I heard this over the weekend.  I do not necessarily agree with it, but it is interesting to think about.  Nevada is # 1 in the nation in unemployment, over 14.5%.  Nevada's unemployment problem will be solved when the unemployed people find jobs in other states and move out of Nevada.
I am sick and tired of looking at MLS sheets that say this is a house for sale, guess about the details.  I have seen too many listings with no information and the comments say "House is for sale as-is, buyer to verify all".  The listing does not say if the house has a view, has a patio, has a fe...
I have been getting many BPOs recently on homes I did in the past.  The company calls me up and says you did a BPO on this property 6 months ago, can you do it again?  Comparing the old and new BPOs is interesting.   The house was purchased 3 years ago for $1,000,000.   6 months ago, the only com...
I recieved an email today from Aspen Grove.  They have new software to mange REOs.  If you want business from Wells Fargo - PAS you much pay them $99 for the first year and $349 for the second year.  They are charging $115 for each property.  You much take a training course on the software.  You ...
I do not like the "what if" game.  When I was new in real estate, that took up all of my time and most of my money.   There is no end to "what if".  What if doing X gets you a listing or a buyer?  All it takes is just 1 sale to make X worthwhile.  You can advertise on supermarket carts, on bus st...
We were just mailed out our new property taxes for 2010.  In our area, our property taxes have gone down an average of 10%.  Every listing I have checked shows the old property taxes.  The last one I checked was $300 high.  Check your listings and update the taxes in the MLS.

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