HOW DO I POST ONE OF MY LISTINGS TO MY BLOG? I think I used to know !!! But, al the new information I have in my brain has pushed that piece of data out of my head. Thanks for some clear instuctions. Marsha Montoya Mayer- Realtor Paradise Properties of Florida, Inc. Email: marsha@mypalmbeachrealt...
  Come to Palm Beach, Florida for a 'snow free vacation'. And you may end up buying a vacation home. We still have many appealingly priced deals in condos by the ocean and on the intracoastal waterfront. Or if you prefer ...pedestrian friendly CityPlace area in downtown West Palm Beach there are...
Former Chase Bank Official Convicted of Taking Bribes and Disclosing Existence of a Suspicious Activity Report Rather than me writing about, paraphrasing, or diluting the impact and import of this latest revolation... Go to and you can find quite a few articles (including a press relea...
Palm Beach weather is 'picture perfect' right now. The weather is perfection. 73 degrees and sunny. Low humidity. Just gorgeous. Palm Beach 'picture perfect' right now.
Yesterday was a picture perfect - sunny and warm day in Palm Beach, Florida.  I have "Spring Fever" in the Winter.  Well I think it's winter.  can't know for in Palm Beach, Florida. Get in on it. MOVE TO FLORIDA ! Marsha Montoya Mayer - Realtor    Paradise Properties of Florida, In...
New Foreclosures fall in 2010. According to The Palm Beach Post on Thursday, January 13, 2010, the year-end foreclosure data, released that day by Irvine, California based RealtyTrac, shows a 28 percent drop initial foreclosure filings in Palm Beach County, from 28,284 in 2009 to 20,417 last year...
Do you ever have question's about tax deductions? I strongly recommend that you get yourself hooked up with a good tax professional. For most people, the amount they will save you will be far more than the amount they will charge you. The most frequent tax question that I get asked is "What exact...
This blog content has a great message to start the day.  For some people the 'knack' of self-love comes easily.  For others it must be learned...and drummed into our heads. Love this quote from Feeling I  thought I would share with my Active Rain friends today...We are often our own...
I believe that "attitude is everything".  Have you ever been in a 'toxic cloud' with people who don't have a single good thing to say about anything? Those people make me feel 'icky', how abot you?At risk of being accused of spouting psycho-babble or being a Polyanna, I have to say what I've seen...

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