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With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac I was just discussing with a colleague of mine all of the different rumors regarding housing and mortgage lending which are reported as fact, and what the real figures are.  Ironically, he received an email today with links to both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 2009 2...
1)      First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit: Statements from Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional / Administration officials indicate that an extension to the first time homebuyer tax credit is in the works!  Yeah! J  There are also some great benefits being proposed for any military members which we...
Go figure, the only constant in the mortgage world is still change...and plenty of it!  On that note, I'd like to mention some upcoming changes which we should all be aware of since they will change the way FHA business is done.  Initially, it's no secret that FHA is being inundated with claims a...
Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with yet another first time home buyer...I've noticed a significant increase in business from this segment due to the first time home buyer tax credit.  It's arguably the best time in history to be a first time homebuyer, so it makes sense that we'd see more ...
Ok, so after a long sabbatical I'm back in the blog-o-sphere...and, go figure, I've got something on my mind which is eating at me.... The Federal Reserve has made a big deal about their program which purchases mortgage backed securities (MBS) in order to keep mortgage interest rates low (Fed Res...
It seems like I can't ever get through a day anymore where the news, my clients, my referral sources, friends, family or all of the above isn't commenting, ok complaining, about the state of the housing market, the economy, foreign policy, the Fed, the presidential candidates, etc.  Is it just me...
Today is a sad day for those of us who have made Tex Vet Loans a regular part of our program offerings.  The Texas Veteran's Land Board has ended the rate discounts which were available on 15 year terms and for "service era" veterans (served during the Vietnam War and have been retired/discharged...
"If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going." This quip by Prof Irwin Corey, an American vaudeville comic and actor, seems to mirror the mindset of many government agencies dealing with the regulation and facilitation of the housing and finance industries. Change is the nam...

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