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“Qualified Mortgages” in 2014 will prove to be one if not the biggest change in recent years for the Mortgage industry.  QM’s were created as part of the Dodd Frank Reform Act. Truth be told, banks and Mortgage companies traditionally have taken a much more relaxed approach to underwriting loans....
One of the best parts about looking at homes for sale near Carmichael Christmas Lights is you always have a beautiful display while you're exploring the neighborhood. Everyone knows the most important part of any home purchase is the location. What people forget to think about actively is what ki...
One of the best parts about living in the Sacramento area is that the foothills are so close! It makes such a quick getaway to head up the hill to the forest as you can get up there in under an hour. What is so great about the old mining towns in the foothills that surround the Sacramento area? T...
Many young families moving to Carmichael, CA look at homes for sale near Albert Schweitzer Elementary School. This is because Albert Schweitzer Elementary is one of the elementary schools in the San Juan Unified School District. This district has good ratings. As with any public school system the...
Yesterday we talked about some of the preparations you need to make to your home before winter hits. This is called winterization and helps to prevent any damage that may be caused by the harsher winter months. We talked about how your roof is susceptible to leaks, and a couple signs to look for ...
With many first time home buyers the excitement doesn't stop with the purchase, but carries on through their entire first few years of home ownership. It may not be constant, but the energy and enjoyment around improving your home is definitely recurring! Any time there is an improvement made or ...
One of the important features you should consider when looking for homes in Carmichael is making sure you find homes for sale in the San Juan Unified school district. San Juan consists of 65 different schools consisting of 35 Elementary Schools, 11 High Schools, 8 Middle Schools, and 7 K-8 School...
If you caught our article last month about the Housing Equilibrium and how the market has been correcting itself to stabilize. We are definitely out of the hot crazy market where homes are on the market for just hours before offers are being written. The market is starting to reflect something m...

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