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We can market ourselves in just about everything we post.  It is an opportunity we did not have before in exactly the same way.  Getting mellow sitting on my deck, thinking about photos of gorgeous flowers from warmer climes members share ... thinking that true blessings are those that are there ...
Well, those delightful creatures have made a nice meal out of my hostas again this year. They are very brazen in my neck of the woods.  In fact, there is one particular deer whom I consider to be "My Deer."  She spends most of her day here munching away or sleeping and is not fazed at all if I pa...
George Washington slept here and it is home to the oldest winery in the country.  However, there is no connection between the two ... Orange County, NY, established 1683. So, for what is Orange County known?  The earliest carbon dated human settlement in North America, over 12,500 years old Masto...
Every year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation identifies "important examples of the nation's architectural, cultural and natural heritage that are at risk for destruction or irreparable damage."  Below is a list of the places highlighted for this year. For each place, the website has p...
Know your market and price it right. Real Estate is LOCAL. The number of homes sold and average sale price vary from town to town, village to village and hamlet to hamlet. With statistical information from the Greater Hudson Valley Multiple Listing Service, your Realtor is your best source of loc...
Isn't it time you experienced the joy of home ownership?  In a house that accepts you for who you are?  A Realtor can match you with that perfect home! We can help you find a house with a personality that matches your own ... the basis for that meaningful relationship you are seeking.  Think abou...
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There we were, circling the empty house, looking for a slightly open window, a door ajar, anything!  No, nothing ... locked down tight!  On my third phone call to the listing agent's office (agent was away fishing or something in a remote part of the world), I was told they had left a message for...
Rosie the Riveter make way for ROSIE THE REALTOR!  Women moved into the real estate business, in a big way, between the 1930s and the 1950s.  Actually, they literally took over residential real estate during this period.  They used the post-war housing boom to carve out their not-so-little niche....
Think about it ... If no new building materials and energy resources have to be used in a home, we are one step ahead.  More and more, we see renovation companies thinking green and helping homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their older homes. This can mean more affordable homes for home...

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