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Do you feel guilty when you just do NOTHING?  You shouldn't.  You run around, taking care of your business, your customers and clients, your staff, your family and your friends.  STOP!  Take a few minutes occasionally to just BE.  Breathe, meditate, walk, exercise and do things that involve nobod...
I love walking my dogs, and I love my dog friendly neighborhhood but sometimes it's a huge challenge.  I have 2 adorable Jack Russell Terriers, Kirby and Chloe, who love to play with other dogs but not if they're on leashes.  Since we have a leash law in our town, they're always on leashes for ou...
For my husband and me, it has always been important that our neighborhood be a good fit for everyone in our family, including our dogs.  If that is important to you be sure you enlist the help of a Dog Friendly REALTOR®.  It’s not hard to discover that.  Simply google your possible candidate; fol...
"What you focus on expands".  When I finally "got it" I realized that this quote may be the most important truth in my life.  It works in so many ways but right now I want to focus on all the little acts of kindness I receive every day.  When I am saying a silent "Thank you." for the smile from t...
After my first few months as a REALTOR(r) I grew very frustrated with how often I had to say "I don't know but I'll find out."  I looked forward to the day when I would be an experienced expert real estate professional and no longer have to say those words.   Here I am, 18 years later.  I've earn...
As Broker In Charge I am often asked how to proceed, what's the best way to accomplish something and many other questions.  I don't know all the answers but I can listen and ask questions and usually find an answer that helps my agents find their own way.   When the question starts with "I have a...
You can't beat 'em, so you might as well join "em".   Are you getting a little tired of summer traffic...beginning to resent the long lines at restaurants and ready to reclaim your little piece of paradise?  Remember, our local economy depends on tourism.  So stop grumbling and take a lesson from...
When is a property SOLD?     Your neighbor said he sold his house but months go by and he’s still there.  What happened?  Real estate sales go round and round and what was true at one time may have no basis in reality today.  The truth is, in real estate, nothing is truly sold until it is recorde...
I hope none of us never have to experience a tornado but if we do, let's plan a strategy for safety.  Thanks, Amy Hahn, for reminding us to be prepared. 2013 North Carolina Statewide Tornado Drill North Carolina’s annual statewide tornado drill for 2013 takes place today, March 6, at 9:30 AM. Sch...
It's so good to see some good news for a change.  I'm with Amy, the market is recovering and we are READY!  We have started 2013 off with a bang and I'm ready to make it a great year. Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina, 28512 2012 Market Report When Comparing closed listings in Pine Knoll Shores f...

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