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 Are Handbags a Better Investment than Real Estate? Now let me begin by saying first and foremost that I am not a financial advisor. I have no qualifications whatsoever for doling out financial advice other than being someone who has a real estate license and does some unusual investing. I have f...
The kitchen is the most important part of a home!Once the hard part of finding a beautiful home with a great kitchen is done, the next step is equipping your kitchen with the essentials (from a Spanish and/or Latin American perspective of course). Quick post of a few essential items I recommend.C...
Where will your baby sleep? The first thing you must decide is where your child will sleep. The first months the normal thing is that you put the cradle in your room, in order to facilitate the nocturnal shots and to have him close when he cries. But as he grows older - and even more so when the ...

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