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The dilemma... I had the cutest black on black Mustang convertible, a lease. I loved that little car! Knowing that realtors drive a lot, my husband negotiated an 18,000 mile per year lease. Of course, the additional miles upped the monthly payment considerably. My lease was due to end March 31st,...
Halloween should be an enjoyable time in the neighborhood. To help keep it safe as well, plan ahead. Keep the pets in a separate room, so they can't run out into the street and get hurt or harm a child. Keep the chocolate away from them... it can be life-threatening to a dog. Be sure your entranc...
Finally Election Day is almost here. The endless ads, mud slinging, debates, op.ed. columns, political arguments, and on and on and on will come to an end (at least for a while). After we've endured months and months of all of this, please make it worth your while by voting. Whether we agree on t...
This time of year always reminds me of my home in Pennsylvania. I usually try to drive there in time to see all the beautiful trees in full color, foreshadowing the winter to come. This year, family responsibilities prevented the trip, but I remember how spectacular it was last year. It's somethi...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over... don't forget those mammograms, ladies. Men need to be vigilant as well. Remember, although we tend to think of breast cancer as a female disease, men can get it, too! The mammogram has come a long way from the days they rolled huge pain producing sp...
It seems we were just all a-buzz over the death of Barbara Billingsley, and now Tom Bosley, too. Mrs. Cleaver and Mr. C both in a week! I must be getting old... Everyone I spent hours watching on television either has really deep wrinkles or is dead. Jerry Mathers, Beaver Cleaver, was interviewed...
St. Augustine, Florida has been named by Smart Money magazine as one of the nine "best new places to retire" according to an article by Peter Guinta in today's St. Augustine Record. It states that in order to qualify, a city must not only be a great place, but it must also be affordable. These ni...
Barbara Billingsley (aka June Cleaver) passed away at the age of 94. For those of us who grew up in the 50s and 60s, she was a television icon. The beav's mom always knew what to say to get her boys to recognize the error of their ways and to teach them those all important life lessons. Although ...
It's that time of year again...  the crunch of autumn leaves, crisp apples straight from the tree, warm spiced cider, wool clothes, and giant pumpkin patches that signal the arrival of autumn in Pennsylvania and many other areas around the country. One of the biggest signs of fall in northeast Fl...
With all the foreclosures in today's market, I'm certain many of you have seen a bank addendum required to be signed by the buyer. I've seen them before, and even had one required with my most recent closing, but never one anything like the one I got today. It was 12 pages long, single spaced, an...

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