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As I watched the weather report today, I was impressed by the enormity of our country! While it was still unseasonably here in Florida, it was raining in the northeast, snowing in the northwest, and experiencing tornadoes in the south central U.S. Tomorrow will bring more diverse weather around t...
At the end of the Thanksgiving break, I realize I have many things for which I am truly thankful in my business life. I'm so grateful to all of my terrific Realtor friends who have offered support, advice, and friendship throughout the year. They have made my job much easier. I'm thankful for the...
Soon, I will be listing the home of my late in-laws. I have very little knowledge of the home's actual condition. It looks well cared for, but truthfully, I have no idea if there have been any problems through the years. In addition, the home is unique in that a quite large $40,000-$50,000 all gl...
Several of you read and commented on my post a week or so ago about my out of town buyer buying sight unseen... He arrived from Germany last week, and we met at the house for our walk through (and his first glimpse) on Sunday. He was quite pleased with the house. Whew! Closing the following day w...
If you're wondering about a great salad for Thanksgiving dinner (or any other time), you've just got to try napa salad. I've taken this to many functions, always taking home an empty bowl. The best recipe I've found for it can be found at, under Ellen's Easy Napa Salad. This is one...
A while back I wrote about the customer abroad buying his second house with my help, sight unseen. Well, my customer arrived in the states, and we met at the house yesterday. Much to my extreme relief, he liked the house. We spent a good portion of the day together, looking at the house and yard,...
In northern Florida, we've experienced our own version of "cold weather." We've had morning temperatures in the low 40s, and afternoons in the high 60s. It's really been energizing, and it's one of the things I enjoy about living here. We have enough temperature change to be interesting, but not ...
Has anyone else sold a house, sight unseen by the buyer? I have a buyer currently living out of the country, who is buying his second house from me, without seeing it. The first time, I sent tons of photos of tons of houses, before he settled on the one he purchased. The walk through on closing d...
I happen to have Greta van Susteren on while I'm on the computer. Usually, it's just noise in the background, but Donald Trump's voice caught my attention. He said although asked by many people why he's not running for President, this is the first time he's actually "considering" it. Donald Trump...
I don't watch reality TV. I watch news, talk shows, Jeopardy!, Jay Leno, etc. Am I just old fashioned, or have we become a society lacking any sense of decorum? In the last week, I've heard a talk show host refer to a candidate as a "bitch," and then say it's a term she uses for her friends. Jay ...

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