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If you watch television news, you must know Florida is getting soaked. Please don't misunderstand... we prayed for this rain, just didn't expect a year's worth all at one time! Fire danger and drought are no longer problems, and that's a very good thing, but I'm ready to dry out. My dog in the li...
This month begins my third year as a realtor in St. Augustine, Florida... What an amazing time to get into the business! I believe now's the time to buy. Do I think we've hit bottom? I don't know, but the prices are so good that I'd hate to miss my dream home b/c I was waiting for it to go down a...
Realtor caravan is dying a slow death. As of July 1st, we will no longer have the weekly realtor caravan. I know many people prefer using the internet to trudging around to the properties, but I hate to see caravan end. It was an easy way to preview homes without bothering the occupant each time ...
After a year in real estate, I've discovered that I want to buy most of the houses I see. If I had started this job when I was younger, I probably would have moved many many times by now. How do realtors resist the temptation to buy every house they visit?!! Maybe I watch too much HGTV!
I celebrated my first anniversary in real estate in May. Looking back, it's been a really interesting, educational, and exciting year. I've learned so much, and realize how much I still have to learn. One of my partners and I are wading through our first short sale offer... what a learning experi...
Last weekend another realtor and I organized a group open house at a luxury condo complex. It was a really hot day in St. Augustine, and the event wasn't very well attended. The first two hours were totally dead, but it picked up during the last hour, and I even got a pretty good prospect. So muc...
How many of you out there have been transplanted to the area where you now live and work? I'm a transplant from western Pennsylvania. Although Pittsburgh has once again been named the "Nations Most Livable City," its winters leave much to be desired. After the initial snowfall or two, it gets old...
Last night was disappointing after such a great weekend. A customer that I've been working with for a while signed a contract yesterday from a ad. She was grateful for all my help and promised to refer me to her friends, but it still stings. Okay, Margo. Get over it. It's a new day, a...
Beach Bash in St. Augustine is over, and I'm winding down at home. It was a great afternoon. Although we weren't crowded, 12 people visited. Several were just looking or interested in signing up to win the gas card, but some others were definitely looking to buy. One couple stayed about an hour. ...
Today is a beautiful sunny day in St. Augustine. It's finally Beach Bash day. Our local paper has promoted this as a giant open house from Vilano Beach to Crescent Beach, hoping to attract customers interested in beach property. I'm anxious to welcome visitors to the gorgeous condo, overlooking t...

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