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This blog discusses Carlsbad and Encinitas real estate, provides market updates and info for consumers, and just some general fun. See for more.
There are many agents who are using video in their practices.  We have been creating home tour DVDs for about three years, and over that time, we have discovered that there can be a wide array of differences in the quality of DVD media.  Just to give you some idea of our experience, we have proba...
A back yard can be an important feature for some homes for many reasons: 1) a premium may have been paid for a view lot; 2) a premium may have been paid for the size; or 3) the owner may have invested a lot of money and wants to recoup it from a buyer who equally values the work done.This article...
This post is in a series.  Please see other posts about Bathrooms and Kitchens. Family rooms are probably one of THE most important rooms in home photography.  The modern family spends more time in these rooms than any other.  How inviting and attractive these rooms are can affect whether an offe...
Up until now, I have just tried to focus on what I do to try to take a good picture.  Clean up the room, multiple exposures, retouching, etc.  A lot of effort goes into creating the photographs, but once it is done, then I get to do the really fun stuff - assembling the final brochure.  Most of o...
Someone asked me if I had some street photo comparisons of the same homes that we did pole pictures. I did not, but John had to go shoot a video at a new listing today, so I asked him to swing by and get a street picture of a couple of the homes that we sold last year. Here are the results, side ...
NOTE: If you haven't ever seen a pole system, I recommend taking a look at Lee Jink's artice on the Evolution of His PAP System.   You might also look at my recent article on when to take pole pics and when not to take them.I love taking pool pictures with our pole camera.  They are some of the m...
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John was over at some rental units taking some photos, so I asked him to take a couple of pictures of our camera rig that we have.  Specifically, I asked him to show the umbrella stand set-up with the camera and flash on a cord.  So, here's the picture that he took.As you can see, the 5D is tippe...
We had a bunch of paint at our house, and we decided to finally get rid of it.  We knew there were hazardous waste drop-off locations for electronics, but we weren't sure about disposing of liquids.To our very pleasant surprise, we found out about Clean Harbors. (Phone: 1-800-444-4244)  They have...
I know I've referenced my Canon 24mm tilt/shift lens that I put on my 5D back, but I wanted to show in photographs why I like this lens so much.  This lens allows you to DOUBLE your total field of view.  To use it, you shift the lens all the way to the left, snap the picture, then move it to the ...

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This blog discusses Carlsbad and Encinitas real estate, provides market updates and info for consumers, and just some general fun. See for more.