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Terri Adams-Scott put together this great "how-to" on foreclosed properties.  If you're in the market for such a property, take the time to read it for some fabulous tips: I have to admit, being a REALTOR is an everyday learning process!  One of the items on my bucket list this year was to attend...
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part V (Home Warranties) Home Warranties.  What are they?  For approximately $400/year (for single family homes... less for condos/coops) you are covered (usually for a nominal service fee) in the event that one of your appliances or HVAC fails.  Some...
THE STORY OF EAST BETHESDA AND THE EBCA Early History:  Profile of a Neighborhood Bethesda has come a long way from the Five Points Indian trial at the East-West Highway/Wisconsin Avenue intersection.  Indian tribes from all over Maryland used to meet as their paths crossed at this point on their...
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part IV (Title Insurance) Title insurance is a good thing.  It protects you from claims from others on your new house (and these things do happen).  But it's bloody expensive.  One way around the expense is to get a "re-issue" rate on title insurance....
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? Part III (Settlement Attorneys) 3.  You've made it through the inspection, financing is chugging along smoothly... You're on your way! So, now what? It's time to choose a settlement company.  In Maryland and DC the buyer gets to choose the settlement ...
Madonna of the Trail Did you know that our local Madonna of the Trail/Pioneer Mother monument is one of twelve identical statues throughout the US?  The idea behind the monuments can be traced back to a group of Missouri Women, who in 1912 were behind a resolution to Congress giving a formal name...
Your offer has been accepted...  So, now what? Part II (financing)  2) Financing:  Though I usually request that my buyers get approved for financing before placing an offer, there are occasions when this is not possible.  So, let's say you put in an offer on a new home and everyone has agreed to...
Your offer has been accepted... So, now what? You've done the legwork and finally found something you can call home.  You make an offer and lo-and-behold, the house/condo/co-op will become yours within a few short weeks (hopefully).  Are you done yet?  Not quite. In Maryland and the District of C...
Deena Cottingham of GreenApple Staging and Images penned this article.  It's full of practical advice on getting your house ready for market. I started my home staging business not as an outlet for interior decorating -- as some people would assume -- but because I love the excitement of buying a...
East Bethesda Real Estate Statistics for 2009: It's time for my annual number crunching.  So, how is East Bethesda real estate faring?  Better than the rest of the region.  Prices are down from last year, roughly 12% regionally and 6.9% within East Bethesda.  And while lower prices are never grea...

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