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The bursting of the housing bubble has created huge losses in wealth.  Many are now upside down on their home and feel trapped without any good solutions.  A popular line in one of my kid's favorite movies, National Treasure, is "Someone has to go to jail". When asset bubbles are burst, "Someone ...
The most important housing market stats are the ones that are localized around your home.  Even statistics at the city level can give you inaccurate information about the value of your specific home. The  most recent FMLS stats report that home prices in the Atlanta area dropped 12.7% year over ...
I'm getting the sense that agents in general are guided by the herd mentality.  They tend to extrapolate the current trend and market conditions too far into the future.  I guess it's just human nature.  The problem is that agents do have the power to persuade the players in the housing market. I...
Another do-gooder, feel-good law that takes affect in 2012 might create some major unintended consequences.  Researchers are finding that these new bulbs which will be mandatory in just a few years emit much higher amounts of radio and electrical frequencies.  A number of people are reporting tha...
Have you ever presented an idea or proposal that gets ignored and then see someone present the same thing and people think it's great? I think it's all about the set up which is pretty much what marketing is all about.  You position yourself in a certain manner and then whatever you say is accept...
Sometimes you can travel through an area and never realize how much beauty is just a stone's throw away.  I've shown homes in and around the Highland Pointe subdivision in North Cobb County over the years but never took the time to drive up Highborne Drive to the top of the mountain.  I've always...
I had a caller leave me a message saying that some people just aren't cut out to be real estate agents and I might be one of them.  This is because I said it might be difficult to find a home that fit all of her criteria.   She had called me  from out of state.  She sounded nice and I thought I w...
Summary of Episode #3 of Video Agent Guy video blog. Half of one company's agents in Atlanta in 2008 had zero closings!  Zip, zero nada! Many well known companies had their average agent sell only 3 or 5 homes in 2008. If I were shopping for an agent, I would want to know this information for two...
Summary of Episode #2 of my video blog, January 16,  2009.  It got down to 14 degrees last night.  That's pretty cold for Atlanta.  Of course, it's the major story on the evening news.  In past years, I've seen schools being closed due to temperature in the low teens.  I grew up in Pennsylvania s...
This is the start of my video blog. I'm excited about testing out this format. I work with a lot of buyers, especially from out of town. We spend a lot of time talking in the car in between houses. I answer questions and also play a little tour guide. So I figured that it might be neat to get som...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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