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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.
Social Media its like popcorn, it explodes.             So why not shout it out, tell it out to the world  find the following places.      FIND your Realtor, out in the world. share share share... or be square. My new website is below. 
I.R.E.S. Global network will make a difference in your bottom line.     International Real Estate Specialist= IRES  this insert is larger that I expected. IRES Selling International real estate, and educating real estate agents worldwide about this truly unique concept in marketing properties. 7,...
El Burrito JR  Locals call it   “LBJ” Want something warm, comfort food by golly its a mexican dinner for every member of the family.  Yes LBJ is its nickname.   We did have a Dairy Queen  and we called it the DDI in Owensboro Kentucky where my Dad taught English at Kentucky Wesleyan College.  As...
FARMERS MARKETS know your best quality fresh food We are so lucky in our local Beach towns tohave the best fresh food brought to us every week. So we stay at the beach and walk to our wonderful farmers market. By the  way our local walkability score is really High.  BLUE ZONE our local walking MO...
05/01/2013 and are tools that may help me sell a wonderful LUXURY home.  Have you had any experiences with searching on worldwide sites? The details in this home are appreciated by people who love the clean lines. Some say this is just like Greece. Others say this is li...
PSI systems top EST. What the heck am I talking about. Self improvement. Awareness- Connected Creative Resourceful Great experiences, fun ones, meaningful tools to work out life situations and feelings about it. PSI 2010 and EST 1974. I didn't get it totally in 1974.  I took the forum for a few t...
As companies adopt changes to become more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly, one often used tool is e-signature technology for document routing and signing online. Real estate companies, such as brokerages, associations and other real estate professionals, are taking advantage of th...
Charitable Giving with a twist! 300K from proceeds when home is sold Local Homeowner is  giving 300 Thousand Dollars to Force for Good Foundation. How they got started with Charitable Giving? "Commit first." The beginning may have been committing four years to an extensive remodel of their home. ...
Real Estate in California- our homes are on the edge of a financial cliff. There I have said it. Further, relatives always said we would get carried off in a tidal wave. Well, the financial tidal wave is rising faster than the ocean. Today in the LA times I could see a dot to dot link of articles...
One of a kind Hermosa Beach is unique and truly one of a kind. It is the smallest of the south bay beaches. Its been home to surfers, athletes, party town, hippies and famous for that. However, its less known the major part of the city is full of generations of families that kept the beach home. ...

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