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I've always wondered what those pesky little bugs were???I had never heard of a Midge.  Wait...I take that back.  I had a Midge doll.  She was Barbie's best friend.  But that's not the Midge I'm talking about. A midge is a small mosquito-lookalike bug that likes to hang around water.  In Sun Lake...
I was listening to an AZ Diamondback game today - poor Dbacks this season - and I think the sportscasters were trying to fill in some of the down time with comments from a popular team manager. The man was asked why he thought he was so well-respected with his players throughout the years. First,...
So I was cruising through the headlines today and came across a clip about people boarding a van and a "short" bus in a strip mall parking lot to go look at foreclosure listings. The first two men-in-charge interviewed (and you could tell who were in charge because they were wearing orange t-shir...
I heard today that several major lenders are freezing withdrawals from HELOC's. Is this the next trend we are going to face? It's really logical - they are considered consumer credit and if a bank can revise the terms or cancel your credit card, why not your HELOC? But I don't have to like it!In ...
Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a chick thing? I think I owe much of my success to the fact that I have a warm personality and really like to bond with my clients. It really just happens without concious effort. During the transaction, I gain their trust and their loyalty and I develop ...

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Talking Real Estate in Sun Lakes, Chandler, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee, AZ