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  Just read a great post about Social Media and the possibility of hurting confidentiality in a real estate transaction. The saying "what you say can come back to haunt you" is definitely true. Idle words, sarcasm, gossip, and rude comments will at some point bite you. If not bite you, can hurt y...
    The other day a colleague and I were meeting in my office and he made a comment about a plaque hanging on the wall. This plaque has a doorknob protruding out from it and he asked what the story was behind the doorknob. This question brought a smile to my face as I recounted to him why and ho...
“First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win.” Gandhi That may be what you experience when you start or restart a new venture. There is two schools of thought when setting goals. One school is to share your goals with others because the more you share you are comm...
When I’m trying to build something new I always wonder, "Is it build it and they will come or is it build what you think they want?" I’m moderating a webinar tonight on how to get corporate real estate referrals. It is amazing to me that more agents and brokers aren’t busting down the “virtual” d...
    While sitting in a restaurant the other day, I noticed the table next to me and how the serving staff was very attentive to this table and to all the surrounding tables.  What was interesting about my observation was how those folks sitting at the various tables were interacting with the rest...
Let’s face it we are in the midst of challenging times. All the doomsayers say there has never been such a depressed economic time as what the world is facing right now. Uncertainty lies in every corner. Some would believe that there is no hope. No hope for tomorrow or hope for our children. Des...
Trying to spread the word. If you have or know any college students who are searching for a scholarship. Be sure to have them apply here: Last year we gave 5 scholarships and I had the honor of interviewing our grand prize winner from Ke...
  Those things that we have to work the hardest for are often the most dear and appreciated. Why do you think that is? A few weeks ago I was having dinner with a past colleague who is contemplating a major move and an advanced leadership position change with his company. As we were discussing thi...
Great reminder and I felt the need to reblog! You get what you focus on. What's your focus? 1. Myth: The world is in financial danger, and we are at the mercy of the stock market, banks, and other major financial institutions. Truth: You are not a “victim” to world events. There are opportunities...
I came across an interesting article today about a foreclosure study, which researched 1.8 million home sales in the state of Massachusetts between the years of 1987 to 2009. The study, conducted by MIT and Harvard researchers, revealed that foreclosure lowers a property's value by 27 percent on ...

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