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Ok, so it's a new year and you've decided to turn over a new leaf and take action to invest in real estate. So, where do you begin?  Before we even think about what investment strategy is right for you, we need to talk about why and what is your goal.  First, the why. Why have you decided to inv...
Is it ever ok to fire a customer or client? With the turmoil in the market, many would say are you crazy. However, I believe that regardless of market conditions you need to be prudent in who you have as a client or customer. How many times have you had someone that says they are looking to purch...
Make Millions in Real Estate We hear it all the time by the midnight "gurus of real estate". Buy their program, book, CD, etc and you can quit your job and relax in the Caribbean islands. There are programs related to flipping/rehabbing, foreclosures, no-money down, and on and on. While I am by ...
Marriage Team Well, it has come and gone now and we had a blast, but didn’t spend a lot on it. It was essentially a family reunion. On August 2’nd, I was married to Wendy by one of my uncles. She is an integral part of my life already and always has a smile and is able to have a positive outlook...
Hi there! Did I get your attention and have you scratching your head? If so, I thought that I'd try to help you out a bit with some of the investment real estate acronyms that are out there and commonly used. In my past, I worked in the satellite communications industry and associated techie busi...
Hello everyone. I hope that I got your attention, because I have some thoughts to offer, but first I must apologize for my absence here. Between business, preparing for my wedding in a couple of months, putting on a golf tourney fundraiser, and being Master of my Masonic Lodge, it really hasn't l...
Hello all. I just thought that now is a perfect opportunity to share with you. Recently, I was asked to give a price opinion on a property that is in pre-foreclosure. Without giving too much information, I'd like to relate what transpired, and use it as an example of what not to do.The property i...
Well it has been a while since I’ve written, so I thought it was about time to put in my 2-cents. It has been a crazy time over the holidays with all of the market corrections. The market for retail lease space has been absolutely nuts with quite a few businesses opening up or expanding. Although...
Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a Safe and Merry Christmas or any other Holiday you may have celebrated. There is still some time left before the new year begins, and if you haven't already done it, you need to make appointments with yourself to set and then review your various goals; per...
The neighborhood was bustling preparing for the season to comeBut very few people knew it was offensive to someHow were they to know that when shopping for gifts at the mallThey weren't allowed to call them Christmas presents at allAlthough they were Christians and it is the time of the yearThey ...

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