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Well, I just ran across an article on Digg that was an uh...unusual type of real estate news.  Seems that a 40ish Realtor in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is divorced with kids and not doing so well in her chosen career...despite the California blonde look and size 36 DDD chest that genetics would...
  I've long been preaching to my Realtor friends that they need to buy a camera and start making short videos of their properties.  I've seen several agents doing it, and I think it's an excellent way to market your listings - or other listings if you don't have one yourself.  I don't understand ...
In an effort to offset the higher gas prices and boost vacation sales for Myrtle Beach condos and resorts, several are taking advantage of "gas rebates". The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce sent out a newsletter today that mentions some nice discounts and rebates being offered by Ocean Creek Re...
Although the federal government made a small concession for primary homeowners in crisis this year through tax exemptions on foreclosure losses, the average Joe who dipped into real estate investing and is now going for bankruptcy or just foreclosure will be in a world of hurt. So many middle cla...
Wall Street Journal columnist Cyril Moulle-Berteaux predicts the real estate slump will end in 2008, in his recent opinion column The Housing Crisis is Over. He makes a very good argument for his opinion, reminding us that the current housing bust is now nearly 3 years old!  Hard to believe, isn'...
CNN compiled a list of the cities and markets that were suffering with foreclosures and lowered real estate values faster than the rest.  There weren't really many surprises, and thankfully Myrtle Beach homes and condos, though falling in price, are not yet on the list of the heaviest losers. CN...
According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a new tax break for 2008 that will help some home buyers across the nation. Those familiar with mortgages know that we often get saddled with an add-on charge to a new mortgage called PMI, or Private Mortgage Insurance. If you've financed a home AFTE...
Well, it's official that we (David, Mike and I) are now working to do marketing for our local Keller Williams Real Estate agency.  We haven't ironed out the details yet, but we're going to have a marketing company and do what we can to help the many KW agents in and around Myrtle Beach.The first ...
Undervalued Markets?? Wow! Come to Myrtle Beach!Forbes magazine has identified five cities where the economy is roaring but home prices are still moderate. MODERATE? By whose standards, I wonder? You can buy one of the finest 2-3 bedroom Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos around for under a half mill...

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