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I happened to receive an email yesterday for one of my clients, sent to my webmaster email that is on all his domain names to help him.  It looked like this.... Hi, My name is Brandon Birdwell and I would be interested in buying your domain ____.COM from you. Are you interested in selling it? If ...
                As we have been saying, Myrtle Beach real estate has gotten a huge boost since the first of January. Although there were enough "lookers" in 2008, it seemed that they all intended to wait for something before they made the decision to buy a home or condo in Myrtle Beach. Whether ...
Well, this is one blog that I must admit I will enjoy writing. William Shatner is a hero of mine.  I've been a "Trekky", or avid Star Trek fan for 30-plus years, and William Shatner has always been a major crush for me.  When he (we) were young, I don't think there was a sexier man alive.  As wi...
I've run across so many so-called SEO companies here in Myrtle Beach that it actually makes me ashamed to be in the business sometimes.  I've seen some people on Active Rain that are attempting to pass themselves off as SEO experts and they are far from it.  We've got an SEO/web design company he...
There is an interesting discussion going on over at The Real Estate Cafe about who is the most to blame for all the foreclosures and problems going on now.  When I first ran across it, I became incensed and had to stand up for Realtors.  Someone had posted that they were the most to blame for bei...
The National Association of Home Builders reported some news from AARP about Baby Boomers and their home plans. AARP did a survey that showed one in four upcoming retirees expect to move to a single-level, more convenient home eventually. 79% said they would like to stay in their current home. (...
This is going to be a little off-topic, but I know there are a lot of single women in AR, and probably plenty of mechanically "challenged" men as well.  I wanted to tell you all about a national company that everyone has heard of, but many people don't realize what a godsend they can be - Advance...
This started out to be a comment on Joe Zekas' blog post, 10 Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately on Your Blog. (Have a free link, Joe) It got too long so I just decided to bring it here and say what I wanted to say.  I think the points have been posted enough times, or you can go read the po...
I've seen several long blog complaints from Real Estate Webmasters about a real estate agent in Sarasota Florida that just lost his number one Google ranked website because the name was "".  They (REW) were irate because Marc Rasmussen, the owner, had spent hundreds of hours, ye...
For about the 20th time, I searched for another city/real estate term to find some information for one of my websites.  And for the 20th time, I find Yahoo's real estate pages in the top of the searches.  Usually not quite number one...perhaps that would be too obvious.  Or maybe it just hasn't h...

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