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Have you ever wondered or been asked by a buyer exactly what the difference is between a "modular" home and a "mobile" home?  You may also hear the terms "manufactured home" or "pre-fab home".These terms seem to be catch-all phrases to encompass anything that is not a "stick-built" house, which i...
  I've recently worked on an Albuquerque real estate agent's site that used to use one of the IDX companies that keep and host the MLS on their own servers and website. Typically, these companies either assign you a sub-directory of their website, or you are forced to link directly to their own p...
Nothing gives you the feeling of being invaded by evil more than coming home to find your home entered and ransacked by thieves. Even worse is the thought of someone entering your home while you sleep and possibly harming you or your family in addition to robbing you. Below are some ways you can...
One of the interesting things about doing websites for Realtors is learning about other cities that I would otherwise probably never think of or visit. I've never been to Sarasota Florida, but I've seen so many pictures and read so much from my friend Annette, that I feel like it's familiar.  My...
  I had an epiphany tonight.  Being an ardent Hillary Clinton fan, I had occasion with this past election to become more interested in politics than I ever have been.  I have spent more time arguing with hard-core Republicans and conservatives than I like to think about.  Arguing politics is prob...
An LA Times article  "If Offer To Buy Seems Fishy, the Money Might Be Illicit"  warns home sellers to be wary of buyers appearing out of nowhere with offers to purchase - and the number one red flag?  NO REALTOR INVOLVED! According to the article, Washington law-enforcement officals suspect that...
One good thing about making websites for different businesses is that you are forced to learn about many things due to exposure!  Insurance has never interested me much, except how I can get by with as little as possible and as cheaply as possible.  Several years ago I bought a TBird convertible...
Matt Cutts did one of his fascinating videos about the inside workings of Google several weeks ago that answered a lot of questions I get from my real estate clients these days. Everyone's site seems to bounce up and down in the rankings, with the exception of the most powerful ones that pretty m...
  I am so often begged by Realtors and business people that I meet for just a few "tips" to doing SEO because they don't have the money available to pay for someone to do the real job for them.  I thought I'd make a very simplified guide that I can refer them to, and that perhaps it might help so...
I don't know if you all know David McInnis or not.  He was the founder of and is a brilliant as well as a super nice guy.  PRWeb continues to be one of the best SEO tools around, although another company bought it out.  The excellent search engine tools and the way Google favors their p...

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