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This is another excellent guest post from one of my Realtor pals, Diane Tonnesen. Let's see how Las Vegas (my favorite place to go) is doing in the real estate industry now that the crash is nearly over! LAS VEGAS LEADS REAL ESTATE RECOVERY IN 2012 2012 was a good year for the real estate industr...
Greg Harrelson, owner of C21 The Harrelson Group of Myrtle Beach, and his friend and fellow Realtor, Brendon Payne, are joining the CEO of Century 21 in an unusual venture to gather donations for this year's Easter Seals funding. 2012 Climb for Kids CEO Rick Davidson sponsors the Climb for Kids c...
My friend and old client, Tim Fish, posted a blog and a little video today that caught my attention. Not only was it out of the ordinary to talk directly to a buyer about his/her conduct, but it tries to make them see and sympathize with the other folks they involve when they start "tire-kicking"...
Saw an email notification today that Bankrate had named six best places to retire.  The qualifications were long life expectancy, low crime rate, and low poverty levels amongst seniors. Now maybe it's just me...but if I were elderly, the last place I'd want to live would be far north where winte...
What does Warren Buffett say about investing in real estate today? By Greg Harrelson - C21 The Harrelson Group Myrtle Beach The news spread like wildfire.  No, it's not another politician's sex scandal or the latest (definitely not greatest) gas prices.  It is the monumental statement made by War...
To say that I am blown away and shocked at the nerve and audacity of people would be an understatement. What would you do if you spent 15 years building up the most successful real estate agency in a resort area, with one of the best websites available, and maybe 1/4 of your considerable traffic...
From Greg Harrelson, C21 The Harrelson Group The market for condos in Barefoot Resort suffered during the last 6 years while the real estate economy was declining. There are still signs of struggling real estate sales in many Myrtle Beach communities, yet Barefoot Resort seems to be recovering at...
This is not so much related to real estate as it is to how I make a living now, and the loss of Davy Jones to me, personally. I wanted to share, and this seemed like as good a place as any.... I've always been crazy about Davy and the Monkees...from 10 years old, through all the Beatles years, th...
We were pleasantly surprised to find a blog today by Gary Keller of Keller Williams discussing his interviews with Greg Harrelson about company strategies, super achievers, (his description of Greg is a "Mega Achiever") and business success. He notes that The Harrelson Group closed a whopping 70...
  Every day my SEO alert newsletters emphasize how important it is becoming to utilize Google Plus, the new service that Google is using to try so hard to compete with Facebook. I don't spend the time on it that I do on Facebook, but I do look at the stream there often, and seldom see any real es...

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