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Literally 5 minutes ago I got off the phone with a big client who has investments in roughly 15 different homes, and he gave me some information I dropped my jaw to.  His file was brought to me already having been established, and my job was simply to input information on his ever growing list of...
Someone asked me today why I would have an insurance related blog on a real estate website.  My answer, "Why not?!"  Over the past few weeks I have found AR to be a great resource and a very helpful networking tool.  Above all that, however, is the fact that I feel Insurance has everything to do ...
It's a cold truth that most have not yet come to terms with.  Homeowners Insurance is no longer just a monthly bill that you can barely even notice anymore.  It is not meant to turn over without incident year after year with a simple glance at a renewal policy.  It is now something that requires ...
Close your eyes.  Imagine the feeling of the cold metal of your new house key pressing into your warm hand. This is probably the most exciting, and yet nerve-wracking, feeling you will ever have.  It's a dream come true.Going through the motions of buying a home can sometimes be tedious.  You may...
 Have you ever had a close call in traffic that left you with a pounding heart and sweaty palms? Once your racing heart slowed, did you comfort yourself with the thought that your full-coverage car insurance would have been there if things had been worse? You are not alone; we have all had those ...


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