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I'm looking for some good people to join my team. I'm in South Florida and I purchase homes in the South Florida area. I buy ugly houses, pretty houses and luxury houses. Typically my houses are between 30K to 4.5M Do you know of any houses that fall in between this range, drop me a line. I am cu...
John McCain claims he is a historian of America. He must have studied the 1972 presidential election. George McGovern said (and I am paraphrasing him) 'Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to run for President in the worst possible way. Ladies and Gentleman I just ran for President in the Wors...
Is the glass half full or half empty!!!!!!! Opportunituies are out there, you just have to have an open mind and get out of your comfort zone.
Looks like the US is quickly going towards a socialist ecomony. This is something that can not happen and someone has to come up with a plan to stop this before it is the only solution. Looking for ideas!!!
It's about time that Secretary Paulson told the American people the the Bail Out plan, when passed was not a magic pill that everything will all right now. This is going to take time, as this is a global problem not just a US problem. These economic times are plowing new fields all across the wor...
This is a very scared global market. It looks like the FED is beginning to get it, and we all hope and pray it's actions are not to little to late. I don't think it's to late, as we are a resilient people and have the ability to come together in hard times. We have done it many times and will do ...
As I sit here waiting for the market to open with oil futures down (good) and the S&P futures up (also good) one still wonders in these uncertain times what will happen. Of course no one knows until it happens, but the market usually gives us indicators. We are now in uncharted territories, and w...
Starting today, buying opportunities are there for the taking. The stock market has many very good opportunites. As most people are claiming doom and gloom today, the shrewd investor is looking at bargains. The same is available in the real estate market. People need a roof over their heads and t...

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