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Ah, Addison! Not a city, but a "town." The Town of Addison. The best place to live and work in North Texas. There's something to be said about a place that doesn't take itself too seriously. Note the exclamation point in the town's name. Here you'll find the ruminations, rants and raves of one of the town's realtors and residents.



Preventing Sounds That Go Beep Beep Beep in the Night in Addison.   Why do smoke detector batteries only fail after 11:00 pm and before 7:00 am? No one knows.  But there is a way to prevent this from happening. And if you live in Addison, Texas, replacing those batteries in your smoke detectors i...
Real Estate Market Report for Addison, Texas: September 2014   Residential Real Estate For Sale in Addison Texas   The total number of available residential properties for sale in Addison, Texas is 50 (up from 47 last month). Currently for sale, there are:   20 single family homes (but 4 are und...

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