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Thoughts about Mortgages, the Real Estate market, how customers should be treated, and mabye sports!
This information on year-over-year home sale information for Mahtomedi, MN. is courtesy of the Minneapolis Board of Realtors "Hot 100" list. I hope it can help you as you look at home listings! Mahtomedi Washington County, MN        2007           2008           Change           2007           20...
Within the 451 page Rescue Bill that was recently passed in Washington are nearly 100 tax code changes that directly affect individuals and business owners, including education deductions, sales tax, energy credits, and even new disaster aid. Other tax breaks, which were due to expire, were exten...
Thank you to everyone who commented on part 1 of my listing of 10 common mistakes Home-sellers make. I enjoyed the feedback, and hope you may have found some of the tips helpful. However, I promised 10 tips, and only listed 5 yesterday...so, in conclusion........ 6.) Market Timing vs. Seasonal Se...
Selling yourhome can be an exhausting experience. Last minute walk-throughs, inconvenient calls, price adjustments and the concern of being 'stuck' with two mortgages to pay at one time are real concerns. If you are not completely prepared, you could end up osing hundreds, or even thousands of do...
Just wanted to add my hearty recommendation for the book "High Trust Selling" by Todd Duncan. It does a great job talking about how we should all be trrating customers. Why do we need to read a book like this? Because so many people view us in the "homes industries" (Real Estate, Mortgage Profess...
I've been away from writing for a while...while I've been concentrating on building up business at my new office in Maplewood. What have I missed writing about since my last blog??? * over 1/2 of Minnesota Mortgage professionals leaving the industry * going from over 4700 licensed Minnesota Origi...
The MAR 100 was reported today, and here's what it shows for the Mahtomedi, MN. marketplace through May of 2007-                                                        Mahtomedi, MN.                                2006        2007        Change              2006        2007          ChangeNew Lis...
did you know that home security systems may actually attract burglars? Shocking, but true.Each year, Americans spend more than $18 Billion on professional alarm systems. Unfortunately, according to security consultant Walter Shaw, some of those systems may actually be attracting burglars. Shaw, a...
It seems that the National Association of Realtors forecasts over the past few months have actually backpedaled, based on the newest 2007 forecast released on June 6th. In January, former chief economist David Lereah came out with the predictions on the top left side of the graph below. In April,...
In continuing my thoughts from yesterday regarding looking at a home that may be a quick "flip"- the expression "quick and dirty" might have been invented to describe some of the methods used in turning properties around for resale. Not to say that all or even most investor rehabs are shoddy, but...

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Thoughts about Mortgages, the Real Estate market, how customers should be treated, and mabye sports!