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                  Confident, passionate and larger than life were the phrases I used to describe Whitney to my friends in the late 1980's.  Rather than start a story by misleading you, I must confess that I spent only a few minutes personally with Whitney Houston when her career was just really t...
Hi, I really hope you like this explanation of why now might be the best time to buy a home. Please share it if possible! Thanks! Loren Keim
             The real estate market moves differently around the country, but in the colder regions the primary marketing seasons tend to be the spring and the fall.  In most parts of the country, real estate sales tend to slow down around the holidays.  The market becomes sluggish the week befor...
Throw in the Garden Hose A few years ago, I accompanied one of our associate brokers, Tim Mahon, on a listing appointment to look at a townhome in Allentown, the pricing of which would be relatively easy because several had recently sold in the neighborhood.  The owner, Randy, met us at the front...
Hi Everyone! This year, I'll be doing 5 workshops at the Century 21 Global Conference in New Orleans and I really hope you join us there! Lots of food, fun and excitement! And of course, here's a short video invitation I hope you take a moment and watch! Thanks!
The Pusher, the Kids and the Gun             There seems to be drug trafficking even in the quietest of areas.  Sadly, too many people seek an escape from their lives or their reality by way of substance abuse which often becomes the tool of the user’s own destruction.             On a cool autum...
What to do with One Bad Neighbor   There are times when the issue isn’t the neighborhood, the local economy, or a neighboring power plant. The problem is there is just one neighbor who is a slob. This neighbor has beer cans lined up along his front porch railing, a motorcycle on the front porch, ...
Burying Saint Joseph   Okay, we’re talking about desperation methods here. I’m always of the opinion “Hey, what can it hurt?” A top broker and 40 year veteran of the real estate industry, Gloria Deysher, from Wilmington Delaware says she plants a small plastic statue of Saint Joseph in front of e...
            One of my real estate offices is located in a suburban township in Pennsylvania, which taxes us in a variety of ways.  One of those taxes is called a “business privilege tax” and we receive it by mail.  Recently, having received two copies of a bill, I paid one in the mistaken assumpt...
            Over the years, I’ve read a lot about the great American work ethic, but I have yet to see signs of it in the general population.  Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I believe the reason “get rich quick” books, audio programs and workshops sell so well is that most people are looking for...


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