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  I am going to share a secret with you.  A secret so powerful and fun you will be searching for new buyers just so you can close on a home and implement this marketing tool!  Read on to find out how marketing to your clients can be fun, effortless and not at all awkward!  We have all been there...
The push is on by Freddie to sell their REO properties and on May 16, 2011, they posted a home buyer incentive program and a selling agent bonus program and combined it with their FirstLook Initiative. Here are the details.  If I have pointed out the "FINE PRINT” details that you need to know abo...
So let’s get it out there… Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes depending on an individual’s needs. Before you start shopping for a home or a mortgage it’s important to sit down and evaluate your financial situation. How much debt do you carry? How much do you make per year? How much do you spe...
Wisconsin Realtor Roundtable was created to help successful Realtor's in Wisconsin receive up to date and accurate information regarding anything real estate; including mortgages in 2011 and beyond. The Roundtable meets once a month and is a free local area Real Estate Roundtable. It is held for ...
Ok, I have to admit I am an information hoarder.  I love reading and absorbing all things real estate.  My main focus is continuing my education on Mortgages, but the more involved and educated I am about real estate in general, the better asset I will be to my clients.  The Users.  There is so m...

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