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    We check our physical health, so why not our financial heath?  A mortgage checkup is easy, FREE and has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars monthly.  It can also eliminate the stress that comes with life changes.  Contrary to belief, mortgages are not "One Size Fits All."  Mortgage ...
  DUE TO AN OVERWHELMING RESPONSE Many people can relate to the following....  Every day is ground hog day.  It's becoming a vicious cycle.  Get up for work.  Get ready for work.  Fill up the gas tank.  Stress out on the way to work because of the money just spent filling the gas tank.  Walk int...
The Teacher A+ Program requires at least one (1) borrower must be a full-time employee as described below: An employee of an accredited or state recognized private or public school A certified teacher or administrator in an education agency An employee of a post-secondary level educational insti...
    Foreclosures are on the rise, negative equity is in full force and short sales are becoming increasingly popular.  In this ever changing real estate environment, it is important to know the CURRENT lending rules.  I have put together a chart reflecting the most recent Fannie Mae, FHA and VA G...
June 2009- The updated Truth-In-Lending Rules apply if you quote down payments, payments, interest rates or points. But wait, there’s more! These rules apply to all forms of advertising, including email blasts, flyers that you pass out at apartment buildings, TV & radio & direct mail! They apply ...
The FHA Loan has had MANY changes since 2010. I am a Mortgage Lender and receive guideline updates daily. I know the time it takes ME to stay on top of the changes. So, I can only imagine how difficult it is for a Realtor. Subscribe to my blog..... I will post guideline updates to keep you infor...
      Don't you just love the feeling you get when you get a surprise delivery at work?  The sound of YOUR name being called is music to your ears.  How did the gift make you feel?  Light & Happy? Smiling Ear To Ear? Were You Surprised By The Sender?  Was Your Heart Racing?  Did You Strut Around ...
  I am going to share a secret with you.  A secret so powerful and fun you will be searching for new buyers just so you can close on a home and implement this marketing tool!  Read on to find out how marketing to your clients can be fun, effortless and not at all awkward!  We have all been there...
The push is on by Freddie to sell their REO properties and on May 16, 2011, they posted a home buyer incentive program and a selling agent bonus program and combined it with their FirstLook Initiative. Here are the details.  If I have pointed out the "FINE PRINT” details that you need to know abo...
So let’s get it out there… Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes depending on an individual’s needs. Before you start shopping for a home or a mortgage it’s important to sit down and evaluate your financial situation. How much debt do you carry? How much do you make per year? How much do you spe...

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