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Let's talk about great marketing ideas...things that worked for you. Maybe you have a relationship building technique, or a special program on your website or an email deployment strategy. Share them with us.
There are different life events that propel people to move.    It might be that their kids are finished college, and don't need to come home so often...maybe it is time for the couple to scale down.    When people begin to retire, they tend to want to move to a place that's easier to finance and ...
I've worked on many brands over the years, and they use photos too. You're right, graphics attract the eye on the page.  A logo doesn't do that kind of thing. A brand is not a logo though. It is the total design that is commuicated in advertising, direct mail, and on your website. It is the consi...
No, they don't have an option for Australia, so I just used whatever was available. Peter J. Mericka B.A., LL.BReal Estate Lawyer - Legal Practitioner - Conveyancer Lawyers Real EstateLawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd (ACN 111 611 539)Suite 6, 3-5 Hewish Road, Croydon 3136Telephone: +61 (03) 9723 6252F...
Is there a breakout of them somewhere on this site (I'm the one who is still blog "challenged), as I'm curious. So many of the responses I've been getting are from folks in California. Great people, you are too. Do you know?  
I was putting my seminar together today, and was scanning samples to show the group. Every single one of them had a photo of the agent on the postcard, or letter.   It is curious to me that I get many mailings from accountants, doctors, medical facilities, lawyers...and they never include their p...
So, I went to his website, and he had an instant message option from his website to his PDA or phone. I messaged him about the apartment and typed in my phone number. He called me back in 10 minutes. And, he's going to look at my Mom's apartment this weekend.   That is a great idea to have an ins...
  Dear AR friends,  As you know, I've been trying to sell my Mom's apartment (she passed away last year), and the agent that I had it listed with...kept mentioning problems with the "unit" that are nor possible to fix. She said, for instance, that the terrace faces another terrace (of course it i...
Dear Friends,   You have been amazing to me. You've written me with advice for the sale of my apartment, and given me ideas and even a Illinois real estate agent volunteered to sell it from afar.   One terrific person in Brandon Florida has been following up with me, and "feeling my pressure".   ...
My seminar is coming up in Ft. Lauderdale in a few weeks, and I've been working on my Powerpoint slides. As a direct marketer, our main objective is building a database of prospects and buyers, and yet no one agent I've interviewed for my books ever mentions that to me.    I suppose many of you h...
If you've read some of my previous blog posts, you know I've been having quite a time...with selling my Mom's apartment. The market down here is soft, and people are lowering their prices. I didn't want to lower mine, because only a few people had seen it. No one was negotiating for a lower price...

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