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Maryland SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results
Free DIY SEO (do it yourself search engine optimization) Tricks I wrote this post and published it for web designers and web developers, they are suffering as small business clients mistakenly assume when they spend big bucks on a glitzy website the SEO is built in (and it's not, web design and S...
I'm a social media optimization/ SEO consultant, I have real estate professionals as social media consulting / SEO clients. I'm finding out more than a few of you in the AR real estate marketing community want to learn how to SEO your listings and your real estate sites rank in the geographical a...
I'm a social media/ search engine optimization consultant. I have clients who are in the real estate industry and I counsel them to get an ActiveRain blog in addition to a company Facebook page. One of my AR students is a prolific writer... good thing for her because I teach that it's not enough ...
From where I sit, it appears to me (and probably appears to home buyers as well...) that Real Estate Agents are predatory: Everyone except Mary Andes is hoping to capitalize on someone's misfortune, like a vulture hovering over a hapless victim waiting for them to loose thier home. For more than ...
I was gonna write a post to this effect but Bill's is better than the one I was planning to write... so I reblogged his:o) Facebook is a large part of my marketing efforts and my clients come to me to: set up their personal and company facebook pages ghost write the content that goes on a company...
Why your company needs a company Facebook Page David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions When you mention Facebook and Advertising in the same sentence the assumption most people make is that the purpose is to advertise a companies wares to the millions of Facebook users. By itself, that's a goo...
You want to sell real estate, that's why you got an ActiveRain blog to go with the real estate website you're hoping will translate into real estate sales. What's the most valuable part of your website and blog? The title and the opening line of text. The first words out your mouth need to be wha...
Total Audience for Online Video Continues to Climb Jan 12, 2010 -By Mike Shields Despite having achieved mainstream status a few years ago, the total audience for online video continues to balloon. And YouTube’s dominance in the category seems boundless, as the site delivered more than 10 times a...
The Death of Traditional Marketing Who is Going to Answer the Twitter? Web 1.0 was like Television Ads, Print Ads, Newspapers, All Media was one way. They Talked TO us. We did not talk back... they didn't want us to, we never thought to, we got pissed sometimes but there was no sense wasting time...
Can you move your listing in it's current state? With all the competition for home sales and foreclosures perhaps you should counsel the home owners that list with you to remodel their home to improve it's chances of selling. Remodeling Magazine 2009 report on Maryland area costs of remodeling ve...

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Maryland Local SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results.

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