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Maryland SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results
Do you do web design?” The following reply is common for many SEO agencies: “Not really, but I always seem to have to go behind you guys take the client out of the witness protection plan you all keep sending them to.” Web Designers think they’re supposed to be writing to please humans. Web Desig...
Local Business Listings on Google Local Google Advertising Google offers a free business listing to small businesses at the top of most local search results pages. Anatomy of a Google search result page: Listings on the right side bar are paid advertisements, often called "sponsored links" The ma...
I do SEO for a living and am often mystified at the business owner's lack of understanding and insistence on targeting the WRONG keywords. Ultimately What I think is irrelevant What He/She thinks is irrelevant The only thing that matters is what the CUSTOMER or potential customer thinks that Matt...
Real Estate Investment was Frederick County Maryland original reason for existence. Smart real estate investors recognized Frederick Maryland as an important crossroad, a central point between affluent employment centers in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County. Interesting Facts you may not ha...
Maryland Internet Advertising and Frederick Real Estate Are Frederick Real Estate Agents are a selfish lot? Or is it that Advertisers are selfish?   What do home buyers want? Or is a better question what is it home buyers want to get out of buying a home?     What do Google users (people searchin...
Go ahead, Google this phrase: Local Google Advertising   Why bother hiring a Google consultant if that consultant isn't #1 in Google themselves? What does it take to get YOUR real estate listing(s) #1 in Google? ...It takes a Local Google Advertising Consultant For details, see Frederick Web Prom...
Local Google™ GuruFrederick Web PromotionsFrederick Maryland Internet Advertising Consultant.With Google™ there are only two things:RESULTS or excuses There are 2 and ONLY TWO reasons a website fails to make money:Wrong BaitWrong Part of the Pond.What does Frederick Web Promotions do for you?Cha...

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Maryland Local SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results.

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