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First Time Home Buyers face many challenges in today's Real Estate Market. An experienced First Time Home Buyer Specialist can help them navigate the turbulence they may encounter and make owning your first home a pleasurable experience.
First time home buyers who are worried their credit might not be good enough to qualify for a home loan, we have a solution. Most lenders will tell you that in order to get an FHA loan, you need a credit score of at least 620 to 640. That’s not the FHA’s rule. That’s the lender’s rule. In the mor...
The number one obstacle between first time home buyers and homeownership is usually lack of funds for a down payment. Since 1934 FHA has allowed qualified home buyers to receive gift funds from a relative. friend. Fannie Mae on the other hand has required that to qualify for a guaranteed loan, th...
There are many benefits to homeownership and the tax breaks you receive as a homeowner are among the most lucrative. Some of these tax breaks are set to expire on December 31. The recent government shutdown puts front and center how important both the White House and Congress are viewing meaningf...
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that effective December 1, 2013 they would be reducing the owner occupied bidding period from 30 days to 15 days. Owner Occupancy Period has been reduced on HUD Homes Prior to December 1, FHA insured HUD homes had a 30 day owner occu...
How do I pre-qualify for a home loan? Here are two ways to find out -- one "good" way and one "excellent" way.The good way is via pre-qualification. The excellent way is via pre-approval. Here's what you need to know about both. Pre-qualification the “good choice” Getting pre-qualified for a mort...
Last week the Senate invoked the “nuclear option” and the housing market might be the beneficiary. The President's nominee to head the FHFA will have a lot to say about it. What is the nuclear option? The "nuclear option" would be the changing of Senate rules to enable judicial and executive nomi...
We’ve just put the worse housing crash in our nation’s history behind us (mostly). But the fear of negative equity has many home buyers wondering. We’ve just put the worse housing crash in our nation’s history behind us (mostly).   Another 1.4 million homeowners are no longer underwater, but othe...
If you’re a first time home buyer frustrated with the craziness that was the California real estate market in 2013, then take heart. According to Freddie Mac you will be leading the California housing market in 2014 as it continues on the road to recovery. The housing market is expected to shift ...
IRS Is Figuring Out New Ways To Tax Homeowners On Short Sales And Loan Modifications. The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act (MDFA) is set to expire on December 31 and has some folks doing their best "Chicken Little" impersonation. According to an article in “Mortgage Fraud Investigations” the IRS is ...
Tight credit squeezing first-time homebuyers out of the market was the headline in a recent blog post. If that’s true, then how sustainable is housing recovery? First-time buyers are also considered instrumental to a recovery historically, because they create the move-up market, but inve...

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