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First Time Home Buyers face many challenges in today's Real Estate Market. An experienced First Time Home Buyer Specialist can help them navigate the turbulence they may encounter and make owning your first home a pleasurable experience.
You’ve found a house with “good bones” in the perfect neighborhood, but it needs a lot of work. This is a wonderful opportunity to build on the home’s good qualities and truly make it the home of your dreams. A renovation mortgage provides the financing to purchase the home and make the necessary...
Are you thinking about buying a home in order to fix it up and flip it for a profit? Although flipping sounds like a fairly easy task once you have purchased the home, it’s not all that it seems. Make sure you are properly prepared. Costs of a Flip To be a successful “flipper” you have to “revers...
We’ve always heard that owning a home is a good move for your financial future. Your parents heard it and so did their parents. But the recent housing bubble has caused many to question whether that is still true. If you’re going to live in the United States, chances are you’re going to have to p...
Home buyers in California have to be glad that 2013 is over. After suffering through months of very few homes to buy, the most recent data indicates things are looking up for home buyers in 2014. The U.S. housing market softened in February. More homes went listed for sale, and fewer sales comple...
If you’re buying a home in 2014, your experience will be unlike any home buyers before you have gone through. In January QM (Qualified Mortgage) guidelines became the law of the land and lenders are scrambling to interpret when they apply. In response to the fierce competition for homes in health...
Now that you’re  emotionally and financially ready to buy a home, you can start to prepare for the actual journey down the path to homeownership. Make no mistake buying a home is a journey that will be filled with high hopes and a few unexpected surprises  along the way, but like any “road trip” ...
According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 25% of home buyers are single. Many of these non-married buyers, buy homes jointly with other non-married buyers such as boyfriends, girlfriends or partners. The First Rule of Real Estate: “If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen” Non-married bu...
When home buyers begin their home search on the internet it often begins with perusing neighborhoods. What do home buyers want in a neighborhood? This infographic from CAR (California Association of Realtors) illustrates what they want.
Some time ago FICO shared basic information about how a consumer’s FICO score is calculated. The information is presented here in order of importance according to FICO. (Information marked with a * would be obtained from your home loan application and is not considered in your FICO score) Related...
Good credit scores give you access to more than just today's lowest mortgage rates -- they give you access to today's best loan programs, too. There are countless credit reporting companies. Your home loan lender will be using the Big 3 -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Related: Do you know ho...

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