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First Time Home Buyers face many challenges in today's Real Estate Market. An experienced First Time Home Buyer Specialist can help them navigate the turbulence they may encounter and make owning your first home a pleasurable experience.
Owning your first home, other than marriage and kids, is probably the biggest lifestyle adjustment you will ever make. Without question, the costs of homeownership far exceed the costs of renting BUT so do the benefits. Homeownership also requires a much longer term commitment (up to 30 years) th...
Are you ready to buy your first home? Buying your first home is the most important financial decision you and your family will make. A smart decision provides the foundation for a promising future both personal and financial. Unfortunately thousands of first time home buyers during the last real ...
Who make the best first time home buyers? As a lender my definition of the “best” first time home buyers may be different than yours. But all other things being equal (credit, income etc) a new survey has found that first time home buyers who enroll in home buyer education are more likely to avoi...
Eligibility for VA loans extends beyond those uniformed service members and veterans mentioned in our first post  VA loans, who is eligible? The passing of the GI Bill of Rights in 1944 was intended to recognize the contribution of service members and veterans. Related: What is a Certified Milita...
Home buying, whether it’s your first home or your fifth, is more challenging than ever. Realtors and Lenders are under increased government scrutiny and we’re slowly recovering from the worst housing bubble ever. 4 Phases of Home Buying Real estate used to be almost a cottage industry. Buyers wan...
In 1944 the government passed the GI Bill of Rights and part of that legislation  was the VA Loan Guaranty Program Even in 1944 the government recognized the value of homeownership and they wanted to reward veterans and uniformed service members for their service to our country. In the almost 70 ...
There have been so many changes to FHA loans in the last few years, even the most seasoned Realtors and Lenders have a hard time keeping up. Related: Facts about HUD Homes If you’ve decided you would like your first home to have a swimming pool and you're going to finance it with an FHA loan it’s...
Your credit report may be the single most important piece of information the lender for your first time home buyer loan will evaluate. Shouldn't it be right? Your credit report gives your lender a snapshot of the way you have managed your finances up to now. Your past performance is an indicator ...
VA loans getting cheaper? Not really but they just made homeownership more affordable for uniformed service members..The Department of Defense (DOD) recently announced increases to the Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) for servicemembers, which will make the monthly payments on your VA loan easier to...
An important part of the search process for first time home buyers is open houses. You'll spend many weekends dropping in  and checking out homes in your neighborhoods of choice. If you've already attended a first time home buyer education course, they probably didn't include Etiquette for Open H...

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