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First Time Home Buyers face many challenges in today's Real Estate Market. An experienced First Time Home Buyer Specialist can help them navigate the turbulence they may encounter and make owning your first home a pleasurable experience.
If you're a first time home buyer in California, you've no doubt experienced some frustration in the process. You've made offer after offer only to lose out to an investor, cash buyer or just a higher bid. The Reason? It's simple supply and demand   There are approximately 60% fewer homes for sal...
First time home buyers? We know you spend more time on your mobile devices than searching the internet from your computer. HomeSnap is the latest app in the home search arena. HomeSnap gives first time home buyers the ability to get the detail of the homes you’re already taking pictures of. It pu...
If you’re a first time home buyer who experienced a significant derogatory credit event during the past recession, you may be wondering if buying your first home with USDA’s Zero Money Down Program is even possible? What is a Significant Derogatory Credit Event? While many things can cause your c...
For first time home buyers getting the price creeps is as easy as catching a common cold. Even the simplest house hunting activities can expose you to this deal breaking virus. You can’t prevent the common cold but you can do certain things that will minimize your chances of getting sick. Same fo...
First time home buyers beware of the “creeps”. Price creeps that is When the market heats up and inventory shrinks, like is happening now in many parts of the country, a peculiar phenomenon begins to infect first home buyers, sometimes taking on epidemic proportions: Price Creep. Price Creep is t...
Many first time home buyers experienced a significant derogatory credit event during the past recession and are wondering if they can get a VA loan after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale What is a Significant Derogatory Credit Event? While many things can cause your credit to suffer a majo...
As the housing market continues to rebound, more first time home buyers are entering the market. Unfortunately many come with a mistaken perception of market realities. Their assumptions may come from TV reality shows or watching their parents’ house-hunting experiences. Maybe they’ve learned abo...
Shrinking Rental Yields to Drive Out Investors, but Not This Year        According to a recent Capital Economics report we may be seeing investors begin to lose interest in the housing market. That won’t come as bad news to the thousands of home buyers  who have been on the losing end of the bidd...
First time home buyers who might be considering a new home are going to pay more in 2013, a lot more!  Related: 5 Reasons Why Home Prices are Rising The recent housing bubble hit new home builders hard, if not harder than the other segments of the housing industry and they’re beginning to see the...
Many first time home buyers are wondering if they can buy a home after bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale. Even if you are a previous homeowner there is hope for you. Many are now wondering if owning their first home is in the future. Having one of these events doesn't have to be a "life sente...

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