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I got a call from a relative who asked my opinion regarding his retirement portfolio and what she should do. She is 40 years old and has been putting monthly contributions into several retirement plans for many years. Being that I spent a dozen years or thereabouts as a VP of an investment firm, ...
I am putting together a book of quotes. I have so very many that I enjoy. I thought I would give my top ten of 'today,' with the hopes everyone could add a few good ones!   1. There are those who see things the way they are and ask why, I see things that never were and ask why not.               ...
Centuries ago, purchasing real estate often required having one or more limbs amputated in order to prevent the purchaser from running away to avoid repayment of the loan. Hence an expensive purchase was said to cost "an arm and a leg."
Dr. Theodore P. Hill asks his mathematics students at the Georgia Institute of Technology to go home and flip a coin 200 times and record the results, or just go home and fake it. When the results ae turned in Dr. Hill can immediately tell who faked their results and who flipped a coin 200 times....
Well this past week has been great! One of our accomplishments was a joint alliance with an individual who specializes in seo and seo marketing. Now when I say specializes - I mean she is unbelieveable. OK so what right? Here is the deal: if you would love for your site to be on the first page of...
On occasion, we saunter through the internet looking for trending topics. Sometimes we find good material to write about or to link back to. But what interests us the most are the members of the trending topic lists. Some days the list is pathetically concentrated with Hollywood actors and things...
I just wrote this post on  my web page blog. It was or is entitled: Emerging Markets. The relevance to the real estate market and agents in particular doesn't come into play until the last two paragraphs. I think it is highly relevant and recommend it to all, just be patient as it will congeal ne...
Two commercial real estate investors who specialized in commercial real estate turned what appeared to be a disaster into an amazing success. Think back about 5 or six years ago . . . now think about commercial real estate. Correct - the commercial side off the industry was in a deep coma, no sig...
An article came out today that goes to my point about content. The latest data shared by eMarketer and published by shows that a huge majority of online social media sharing of information is that of embedded content. Here is a snippet from the article: It's an inbound marketing no...
        www.2inovate.comI know Charles Nenner personally as I was once a client of his. He is a brilliant man by all respects who has called various turns in the financial markets correctly -- for years. An article I just read paired him up with Marc Faber and Gerald Celente - both brilliant in t...

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