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Liz Spear Team RE/MAX Elite Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.
When I blogged daily I had certain days for certain topics.The first of the month, a top line market snapshot, and those posts had two audiences:  area consumers that want to know how the real estate market is doing (going up, down, sideways, should I sell or should I buy?) and less importantly I...
Once upon a time...And thus starts many fairy tales.  Meanwhile we're working in reality, a reality that often doesn't mesh with various sales pitches.While it may be true that some consumers use brand name to find their agent (we've been at the end of a "RE/MAX agents near me" search results tha...
The world has shrunk a lot since I was a kid.If you wanted to contact someone across the country you wrote a letter or paid for a long distance phone call.If you wanted to learn from the best, you had to go to where they were.If you wanted a certain food, perhaps the only way to get it was to go ...
Is there only one way for blogging to generate business?Of course not, but what works for one may not work for another.There's a need to be authentic, to find what works for YOUR local market and what brings you the type of business you WANT to work.So let's say you understand your target market ...
I do it.You probably do it too.When I'm shopping online for a product or service, I'll read the reviews.An absence of reviews typically doesn't bode well, nor does a bundle of reviews with a heavily negative slant.  I tend to sample reviews of both the highest and lowest scores.  Sometimes it's o...
Right now I'm more spectator than participant when it comes to social media.  I've taken a sabbatical from daily blogging and for right now I'm just doing Tuesdays to honor a commitment I made years ago.Facebook?  I've went from posting a photo almost daily to weeks with nothing new posted.  Spar...
If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it should have taught us being prepared matters.Even under routine circumstances, being a real estate professional requires a good level of preparedness.Business can ebb and flow.You can be a week from a closing and suddenly the tenant refuses to move out.The s...
If you know me, you know I'm not much of a touchyfeely guy.  What else would you expect from an engineer/agent?  You run any personality test you want on me and it'll be conclusive, I'm an introvert, analytical, etc.My blogging tends to reflect a Sgt. Joe Friday approach: facts, context, interpre...
When I first started in real estate, my potential for getting into real estate trouble was fairly limited.  Direct interactions and direct mail kept the sphere of influence constrained.  The Internet was just getting started and most of the tools we use today hadn't even been thought of yet.Obvio...
As a real estate agent you're a commodity until you're not.  Bakers start with commodities: flour, eggs, sugar, butter, salt, etc.  It's what bakers do with those ingredients that determines whether they have a successful shop or hanging a CLOSED sign.Last I checked there were over 6000 real esta...

Liz and Bill Spear

RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton)
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