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As a residential real estate agent and a Realtor,  you are in contact with individuals on a regular basis who might be investors.  If you have investors in your client database, how many of them are commercial investors?  Watch the following utube video
Holly Perry will be presenting a training at the new ARA classroom in late July.  Holly is a fabulous trainer and I am excited and suprised that she is coming to LR!! I will post more info as it becomes available.  
Once again a blog question has brought up an issue that has become a concern for many and a danger for a few. Do you put an unknown in your vehicle to show properties?  Have all those events been good, bad or neutral? Have you had bad experiences by doing just that? Where do we draw the line? Ple...
A recent comment on one of my posts, brought up another thought.  When do you actually "put a prospect in your car?"  Do you drop what you are doing and rush to meet them at the property, because they are standing out front?  Or, do you insist that they meet you at your office?  If, the later, wh...
How many people have you met that call themselves Landlords and have no idea that they are also an investor?  Seems like every day I meet someone who is a rental property owner and have no idea that that makes them an investor!  What is an investor?  Anyone who places money in the position to cre...
12% of sales people only make three contacts and then stop.  How many contacts do you make on the average before that potential client actually becomes a client?
Statistics show that 25% of sales people only make a second contact with a prospective client/customer!
48% of sales people never follow up with a prospective client??
Hello Realtors....has anyone come across a listing client who has turned her 3rd bedroom into a custom closet?  My latest listing is just that!  She spent $2,000 to have built in shelving, racks, drawers etc, and now wants to get her money back on the sale of the house plus the amount she spent o...
A new program has been initiated by the State of Arkansas and it is called "Innovate Arkansas". It is geared toward helping inventors, developers, new start-ups and creative types who have products/services that they need help with. Watch the video from my website at and see ...

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