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Craig Daniels' post, Which ActiveRain Yearbook Page Are You On? just reminded me that it's been four years to the day since I fell down the ActiveRain rabbit hole. I stumbled across ActiveRain while searching for best placed websites across the country.  Once I found ActiveRain I never looked bac...
4th of July is right around the corner.   Is your blog ready?   Holidays are popular blog posts and July 4th is one of the biggest.     I let too many special days and events pass me by - the flyer's buried on my desk, the email I forwarded myself remains unopened, the post I planned is in my hea...
For all of her adult life, one of my mother's favorite hobbies has been moving furniture - as in rearranging furniture. She can't stop.  Chances are, when you visit the house it will look different than the last time you were there. My father grew up in an unchanging household.  Furniture was in ...
Do you spend too much time at your desk?   I know I do.  Ever since I started blogging and my online world expanded, I spend hours and hours and hours at my desk.  Many nights it seems the only time I get up is to grab a snack before finally signing off in the wee hours of the morning.   Not good...
A winter storm warning?   How can that be?   I snapped the photo at right of my father's iris in bloom two weeks ago - and the other bud opened after that.    Today Massachusetts may get several inches of snow - wet heavy snow.  At least that's what the forecasters are predicting.  If the predict...
A number of times lately - real estate related and otherwise - I've been taken aback and irritated by the people I see with coffee cups glued to their hands.    We're not in Dunkin' Donuts, or Starbucks, or a restaurant.   No, we're at the local antiques mall and the aisles are filled with browse...
It's been a fairly busy spring market this year.   Too many days (nights!) I came home to this.    Or worse - Champ would be in the window as I pulled out the driveway.   Home alone for another long day.   The guilt!  It kills me.   I'm doing my darndest to spend some quality time with him this w...
A day in the life - Winter 2011 It's a challenging season for Massachusetts real estate agents. We won't soon forget the winter of 2011. 8:30 am:  Leave the house for work. Realize that you can't leave since the front door is frozen shut. 9:30 am: Actually leave the house for work having successf...
It dawned on me in the midst of today's five hour shoveling marathon that real estate may be picking up in Florida this year. Here in chilly Massachusetts we're on track to break records for snowfall.  We are buried.  There simply isn't anywhere else to put snow. And it's only January.  And the s...
While wrapping the stocking stuffers and presents I bought yesterday I had to acknowledge - I was deep in the throes of "last minute frenzy' as I shopped yesterday. I'll make the assumption that my family won't have time to read my blog today and list some of the tell-tale purchases: A Barack Oba...

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