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A Bellingham Washington Realtor Shares Ponderances, Deep Thoughts, Rants, Gabbing, Swell Articles, Photos and other Real Estate inspired info. ...Thanks for stopping by!
The economic lessons of the past few years are spoken of beautifully in a sweet little story from my youth that goes a little like this;If you build a house of straw or sticks...eventually you will be left out in the cold, without a home and the wolf will be chasing you down. BUT, if you build yo...
I recently ran across the following question on a blog, and thought I would share my answer with all of you to help alleviate some of the 'sub-prime myths' floating around out there.Titled:FORECLOSURES IN TOWN?"Can anyone speak to the issue of foreclosures in Bellingham, Washington? Foreclosures ...
This ad is one in the series of ads from my "FRESH" Ad Campaign...designed by yours truly.  I run a new ad, with a different set of feet and a new catch phrase each month in the real estate mags with our listings.  When developing the "FRESH" ad campaign, I figured, on average, I have about .03 m...
Here is an example of the "Fridge Friendly" ad campaign that I run along side the "FRESH" ad campaign.  I have collected quotes for years and I love sharing them with friends and family.  I decided to branch out and share my collected quotes with my sphere about 2 years ago.  I use Plaxo to uploa...
Here is a little primer about PMI Insurance from your friends at Live Good Be Happy;Generally, if your down payment is less than 20% of the price of the home, you will be required to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance (called PMI or sometimes MI). This protects the lender if you should be unable...
I love living in this incredible corner of the world...especially during this time of revitalization for our waterfront.The waterfront in Bellingham is going to undergo a HUGE facelift over the next few years and will make Bellingham even more of a premier landing pad for the hip, cool and urban-...
Remember when your Grandfather would say, "Back when I was young..." and go on to tell you a story that shed light on how much things had eroded since he was a kid? Well, here is my stab at it. I am not a Grandparent (far from it), and this "Back when I was young" story is from only about 10 year...

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